95 Books, part 2

  1. Natural Capital by Jason Heroux (Mansfield, 2012) [favorite of this group. Already reread immediately.]
  2. Form of Forms by Mark Goldstein (BookThug, 2012) [on being adopted]
  3. Best Poetry of Stephen Crane (New York University Press, 1899, Kindle)
  4. Erotica Romana by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (ed, Harry Haile and Mike Pullen, Kindle)
  5. Cutting Room by Sarah Pinder (Coach House, 2012)
  6. Imaginary Maps by Darrell Epp (Signature Editions, 2009)
  7. Love, Like Pronouns by Rosmarie Waldrop (Omnidawn, 2003)
  8. Eating Bitterness: A Vision Beyond the Prison Walls: Poems and Essays by Arthur Solomon (NC Press, 1994) [Mostly speeches]
  9. The Lease by Mathew Henderson (Coach House, 2012) [life on oil rigs]
  10. Winterkill by Catherine Graham (Insomniac, 2010)
  11. Agony by Steve Zultanski (BookThug, 2012) [or maybe this is my favorite with its reeling numbers, measurements of distances by mouths, temperature in base unit of breasts.]

I’m recording the books I finished reading this year, posting whenever.

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