95 Books, Part 3

Various people on twitter are ringing in when they finish another for the 95books challenge.
I’ve been doing currently reading lists here irregularly since 2007 but that’s more a pop quiz of what I have open.
currently reading
Some I zip thru and never record having read. Some books I abandon. Some I peck away at for years. Some I re-read a few times to get more out of. Some I re-read with no recognition of having read it before until I come to my own mark in a margin 2/3 of the way through. I’m not sure if that’s about the book or me. Although it’s always amusing when I see a bookmark I made raving of how wonderful some part is and I can’t tell that it is anymore.
Several years ago he said Michael Dennis read a book of poetry a day. It struck me as extraordinary that one could find that much good to read, and keep up that pace of processing. Maybe I can do nearly half that rate. We’ll see.

  1. Go the the Pine: Poetry in Japanese Style by Izak Bouwer and Angela Sumegi (Buchek, 2009)
  2. The Art of Sufficient Conclusions: A Novel by Sarah Dearing (Mansfield Press, 2012) [wonderful. you should buy it.]
  3. Once Houses Could Fly: Kayaking North of 79 Degrees by Rosemary Clewes (Signature Editions, 2012)
  4. Pale as Real Ladies: Poems for Pauline Johnson: Poems for Pauline Johnson by Joan Crate (Brick, 1991) [historical fiction and fabulous!]
  5. The Journals of Susanna Moodie: Poems by Margaret Atwood (Oxford University, 1970) [historical fiction. fabulous. now queuing another book by her.]
  6. Life in a Medieval Village by John Gies and Frances Gies (Harper, 1991)
  7. geographies of a lover by Sarah de Leeuw (NeWest Press, 2012) [other woman/geography erotica]
  8. the least important man by Alex Boyd (Biblioasis, 2012)
  9. The Grey Islands by John Steffler (Brick, 2000) [long poem of geography]
  10. Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra by Jim Smith (Mansfield, 2012)

(The last link there’s a good (anti-)interview.)

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