A solution?

How to see all I have and sort them while keeping it in mind and findable when it’s spread across 150 files? I need to impose some order here. Could the answer be making hundreds more files? May-be.

The trick will be not editing. Identify, copy, flag and paste. Otherwise I’ll bog down.

So tentative 40-hour plan: Create one file per poem, all drafts collected into same file.

All of one year in one folder

Decide useful tags.

Label /categorize poems

>Get Info
>Spotlight comments (add some tags as keywords: haiku, trees, feminist, market idea, etc)
>Color label (red to submit, yellow if later edit, green if worth editing more, blue, first draft, grey published, pink a fragment to combine with other fragments)


>New Smart Folder
>Spotlight Comment (trees)

Save search folder

Color Label (green)

Save search folder

Can anything be automated with a macro with Applescript or Automator? to drag and drop file creation and tags?

37 files made manually so far to test out if this is viable.

“The path of least resistance is usually not the path of best results, despite the musings of spiritual gurus who try desperately to paint it as such.” — Steve Pavlina

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    1. One can get one’s fill of chaos by times. I define best results as getting the intended goal and finding it at least as useful as expected. Intuiting truth and following bliss need to be balanced with hard work for security and continuity and long-run advantage.

      Fun has been feeling the effects of diminishing returns. I’ve done free form improv forever now, but I think I’m in the mood for tour-guided agenda now.

      Discipline is a wonderful respite, or so I’ve heard. 🙂

      1. fun in fundamentals

        there is no such thing as dance without discipline…one can’t get off the ground without it
        in aerial either…in spirituality, i find less discipline to be more advantagous for me right now…I’ve let go of alot of the bells and whistles, the categories and sub categories of spirit and energy (still a lot more disciplined in this area than the average Joe)…as for writing, i am attempting a format still new to me and would like a class or workshop…my poetry has not ever been disciplined, it still serves as therapy for me.
        good luck with the new system, hope it works for the poetry and poet alike.

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