Or #AmWriting as we say on twitter.

Looking at the previous post: “I feel I am finally writing again.” That I sez, before going silent for 5 weeks.

But I have been writing and editing like mad, trying to slap into shape 4 manuscripts. 2 I won’t finish this year. 2 I hope to finish by spring or summer. 3 are poetry, 1 is fiction.

I have also been binge reading. Found 2 new to me authors and attempted to consume their every word. Completist strikes again.

Against the metric of #95books, it seems I read a lot. Even if I don’t count chapbooks or online, I shove a lot of books through my brain. 34 books in 12 weeks this year.

I should set a plan to submit poems. I should dedicate some schedule of time to writing and editing haiku.

I should clean my office so it isn’t a cat-hazard. And cut pieces for a quilt. And do more cardio. And talk more with friends.

Forget the past. Remember the lessons. Attempting to do better.