Assembling an If

Some lovely Tibetan recycled hemp paper, accordion folded into sections, edges wet
and torn.
Long armed stapler putting to good use again.
Drat, if you can read that and have your copy already, please correct the wabi sabi in the 4th line to then, not when. *sigh*. But love how the pockets turned out. (Reading is an interactive experience. Stage 2.)
We have poems hitting the page by Jacqueline Bourque, Frances Boyle, Mary Lee Bragg, Claudia Chowaniec, Claudia Radmore, LM Rochefort, Robin K. Macdonald, Pearl Pirie, Deborah-Anne Tunney and Jean Van Loon.
It came out all just as beautifully as I’d hoped. I always feel lucky to be entrusted with publishing poems that I enjoy and think others should read.
Here’s one of the collaborations by LM Rochefort and Robin K. Macdonald,

if forgiveness is a purple flower, its beauty slightly
bruised, then the tea will be strong and bitter.

and one by Mary Lee Bragg and Claudia Radmore,

if all earbuds everywhere exploded at once
then sunshine, sunshine
and no need to wear a golden scarf,
no need for salted peanuts or warm beer.

If has gone to print with my little phafours. Just $5.
I won’t be at the fair, but these will be. It will be at the AngelHouse table at Small Press Fair, June 15

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