Checking In: With Lori Anderson Moseman

Lori Anderson Moseman is an American poet who appeared in Cocoa Cabin in 2014 and her poem was also in our murcine, hurcine, doppelgängers, mars (2013). (How is that almost a decade?) I saw that Okay? from her recently came out with above/ground. Looks from her website that like she’s been super-busy. PP: What have […]

Checking In With: Jacqueline Bourque

Jacqueline Bourque was a Rubies Tuesday poet at the same time I was. She was in If and Where There’s Fire, our 2013 workshop group anthology chapbooks. She has since come out with her first trade collection, Repointing the Bricks (Mansfield Press, 2021). PP: So, what have you been reading lately that lit you up? […]

Top 25 reads

What is the top fifth of the books completed thus far this year? My favourite books and chapbooks read are these: Poems/Essays Quiet Night Think: Poems and Essays by Gillian Sze (ECW, 2022) Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty by Bahar Orang Bookhug, 2020) Novels/Short Fiction A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little […]

Checking In: Paul David Mena

Someone who keeps at writing for 30 years or so are ones to watch. I came across Paul David Mena’s work on twitter and became a fan and eventually asked, please, pretty please could I publish some? The result was Morning Becomes Azaleas/, le matin devient azalées (phafours, 2019) with translations to French by myself […]