I’m doing the Sealey Challenge this year. Which is a poetry book a day to open windows in the head. Check out what I’m read at PearlPiriePoet One book cover and poem or poem part a day. You won’t be alone. At the moment there’s 434 followers and I tend to suss and toss out […]

Checking In: With AJ Dolman

AJ Dolman had a flutterbook Glass Studio in 2015 with phafours. She used to be a regular on the Ottawa scene, pre-Covid like all of us. AJ Dolman (she/they) is the author of Lost Enough: A collection of short stories and three poetry chapbooks, and was co-editor of Motherhood in Precarious Times. Her poetry, fiction and essays have […]

Checking In: With Lori Anderson Moseman

Lori Anderson Moseman is an American poet who appeared in Cocoa Cabin in 2014 and her poem was also in our murcine, hurcine, doppelgängers, mars (2013). (How is that almost a decade?) I saw that Okay? from her recently came out with above/ground. Looks from her website that like she’s been super-busy. PP: What have […]

Checking In With: Jacqueline Bourque

Jacqueline Bourque was a Rubies Tuesday poet at the same time I was. She was in If and Where There’s Fire, our 2013 workshop group anthology chapbooks. She has since come out with her first trade collection, Repointing the Bricks (Mansfield Press, 2021). PP: So, what have you been reading lately that lit you up? […]