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I discovered from doing a vanity search that New Jersey spoken word artist Nordette Adams at Author’s Den advised people read “my article” (aka several year old ramble). It was up for discussion 6 months ago.

I’m hesitant to even link to “my article”. Even though I put it on a public forum in 2000, and knew some people were still googling into it, I thought it was clearly play, not to be taken seriously as “real writing”. I mean, after all, it starts and ends with comic strips. It was more intended to get my head into the layman, non-writer’s and that view of non-rhyming poetry as deficient. It wasn’t meant for poets to discuss. It’s called “informative and provocative”(?) People seemed to find it useful thought fodder in general. I find that baffling but it’s good someone found it interesting, (or inflammatorily “pseudo-intellectual” as the case may be).

I’m not sure how to classify the Author’s Den. It’s not a BBS. It’s not a static site although there are home pages for writers. It’s called a community for writers. There’s over a million articles so it’s a rather large site.

Articles are categorized by genre. Looking around it looks like a web-based blogspace with Live Journal-like members-only comments. There are message boards. There’s the possibility, like myspace, to post music. People can link to their books, (some I saw are Lulu self-published books) with a bookstore on site for promoting site writers. It has over 2000 titles. There’s an area where you can put reviews of each other as well.

Browsing around different categories, it seems rather like a supportive workshop group with comments heavy on the effusive “LOVE it!!!!”, “very true” and “marvelous!”, (more so for the poetry than the articles). [see comments for clarification on this]

I’ve never seen such a concentration of rhymed poetry online before. For example, Looking for Romance is an Edward Lear-like verse by British English teacher Paul Williams.

It’s a whole other world over there.

btw, How bizarre is this? My poetry writing statistics were deemed interesting enough to be listed in the UK under writer resources of someone called Tim Love who has an extensive set of quotes about poetry.

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  1. i love your poetry writing statistics.
    it makes me wonder how much i’ve written.
    you had a real jump in productivity in 05!

    and i enjoyed what you wrote about what makes a poem as well.

    when you talk about site searches i find it funny that i found your journal off google when searching for glosas.

  2. It’s Nordette Adams

    Hi. Glad I found this entry. I actually have a Live Journal blog that I no longer post to. Perhaps I would’ve used it more had I found serious writers here when I first tried it out. I do that, try out blog sites to see how different ones function. I’m sure there were “serious” writers, but I did not have the time to find them. Live Journal is massive.

    I recognized that your article on free verse poetry was rather informal, but I linked to it just the same because over at AuthorsDen there are many people who seem to believe a poem is not poetry unless it rhymes. I disagree as anyone who looks at my work overall can see. There are some members there who seem to get quite excited when I post a traditional, rhyming verse poem as though they’ve assumed I don’t know how to write exclusively in rhyme. 🙂 Sometimes people will leave notes on free verse or blank verse with comments like, “I’ve enjoyed reading this prose,” and it’s a pointed statement because usually the person leaving the note only writes in rhyme.

    I would advise anyone looking at AuthorsDen to not see it as a workshop site. It is not. A site like is more workshop-focused. At AuthorsDen poets generally do not appreciate criticism however constructively it may be presented; therefore, I classify the site as a showcase site or a promotional site. It’s a site where you post work to have it seen and read. Yes, there are many professional writers on the site, some who have agents and who have been published by traditional publishing houses as opposed to POD or vanity presses, but from what I can see, the more active members tend to write primarily poetry and write as hobby or emotional outlet. Nevertheless, the serious writer can see benefits from AD’s visibility in Google.

    I’ve used the site to drive visitors to other sites or blogs that feature my work, and if I have something elsewhere on the web that’s being overlooked, I’ll post it to AuthorsDen. For some reason that site will push a piece to the top of the Google pages faster than any other site I’ve encountered. In reality, my articles section over there gets more hits than anything else, which is fine with me since I earn a living as a journalist.

    Thanks for mentioning me. I discovered this page because I followed someone else’s search string from my stats who seemed to be looking for my Martin Luther King, Jr., tribute poem “Remembering A Life.” They found it immediately at the top of the search page, but when I started looking around, I went a few pages farther and ended up here. 🙂

    Nordette Adeams


    I’m grateful for his translations

    sounds like the night was magically mystically bright.

    ’bout prayers-
    i find praying about rather than praying for
    and knowing prayer as gratitude list
    a good thing

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