Cash Value for Time

None of this enter a contest for free business. MyTimeHasValue is kickback against the government competition to design a logo for the anniversary of confederation. Bet that surprised the planners of the feel good about your country campaign.
It fits in nicely with a poem I’ve been ruminating through.

The economics of time is money
“distance is dead” ~ Amy Clampitt
in 3 hours we could be in Cuba. beach and back
in the time it used to take by horse to get to the homestead.
not that I’ve done either. it would take 18 hours
to bicycle home or I can call and fold time.
we’ve made, from a page, a paperless airplane.
poke. it nosedives against your forehead.
its wings are still with me across the city. instant.
like a door thru space. the everyday miraculous.
space may be dead but time is very much kicking
divided across territory left slack by space, doubling
at least, the province of time. the workload.
time as a colonial power is more harassed.
we’re sharecroppers of time. my space pokes you
leaves a trail of x and x and x across your eyes
yet drunken and alive, we live apart but space is moot.
this is not time’s fault. time is off managing time.
the email is unattended, will sit until forgotten
in knotweed clocks and comets of long grass, suckers
of tree’s spring closing over its meaning left derelict.
what’s this big green thing blocking mental space? it’s time.
so the light bulb is out of stock or not carried
in walking distance shops. distance is dead.
China is equidistant with Home Hardware
hometown pride. a skew where ease equals time.
it doesn’t matter who delivers. it is the doing and done
not the personal who. it’s the pace not the place. we’ve
given away our “l” and live in a post-haste-heaven of time.
UK or US or here are equal so long as it’s looked after.
a bookstore is a forty minute bus ride each way
plus the lost geometries of rearranged space.
dead to me. the map of sections changed places.
clerks on breaks. an hour and a half or a click of time.

If we value our life in opportunity cost of dollars, there’s a certain predictable fallout, outsourcing to places with less secure protected labour force, where the cost of living is lower. Labour is the most expensive part of a product because we don’t place much value on non-human lives. In Hollywood some animal actors are paid to a fund to ensure their retirement and health rather than the money going straight to the owner. But all kinds of new considerations in these systems we support.

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