Books read, mostly poetry

36. There are no coincidences by Ruth Salmon (self-published, 2016) is a travelogue of best-of stories. Oddly it and Cardinal Divide both had a scene of feeling safe in a log cabin, of seeking a sense of home and the phrase, “there are no coincidences”. It’s a fun ride and we read it all aloud. […]

BooksRead #95books

26. Moving Meditation, edited by Lynne Jambor (2021) is an elegant little book graphically, with a layout that suits the content of haiku and senryu about tai chi and chi gong. (Contributor copy.) 27. Liberated Minds: A Close looks at Rastafari beliefs and customs (A Kirk Cornelius Book, 2017) was something I picked up at […]

Novel reads

More read recently. Or more accurately, finished lately. 13. Architects of Memory by Karen Osbourne (Tor/Macmillan, 2020) I gave a slog of a go to a few months ago and it didn’t click. Returning it was a quick read. It’s complex with many players in a world where there are freeborn and indentured and the […]


Books 7. Everything You Hold Dear by Jamie Sharpe (ECW, 2020) is working in the cynical mode of poetry of surreal, mechanical, process poetry where poems feel disenfranchised from the content part of heart. There’s two threads, one an abecedarian and the other not. 8. Peter F Yacht Club #29 (above/ground, 2020) is in a […]