Books read: haiku and the like

52. Landmarks: A Haibun Collection by Ray Rasmussen (Haibun Bookshelf Publications, 2015) is a tight collection, not surprising I suppose given he has been writing haibun for decades and editing magazines of them. The stories are grounded, alert, amiable and articulate, the haiku striking. Definitely recommend. 53. Stumbling toward happiness: haibun and hybrid poems by […]

Books read: fantasy novels

If you can’t move, from concussion, stress overload, or body cast, these will take take you away, like Calgon. 46. Smoke Bitten: A Mercy Thompson Novel book 12 by Patricia Briggs (Penguin, 2020). I’ve hopped around in the series. They are compelling, but mental potato chips. Feisty female coyote will go toe-to-toe with anyone. 48. […]

Books read, mostly poetry

36. There are no coincidences by Ruth Salmon (self-published, 2016) is a travelogue of best-of stories. Oddly it and Cardinal Divide both had a scene of feeling safe in a log cabin, of seeking a sense of home and the phrase, “there are no coincidences”. It’s a fun ride and we read it all aloud. […]

BooksRead #95books

26. Moving Meditation, edited by Lynne Jambor (2021) is an elegant little book graphically, with a layout that suits the content of haiku and senryu about tai chi and chi gong. (Contributor copy.) 27. Liberated Minds: A Close looks at Rastafari beliefs and customs (A Kirk Cornelius Book, 2017) was something I picked up at […]