Novel reads

More read recently. Or more accurately, finished lately. 13. Architects of Memory by Karen Osbourne (Tor/Macmillan, 2020) I gave a slog of a go to a few months ago and it didn’t click. Returning it was a quick read. It’s complex with many players in a world where there are freeborn and indentured and the […]


Books 7. Everything You Hold Dear by Jamie Sharpe (ECW, 2020) is working in the cynical mode of poetry of surreal, mechanical, process poetry where poems feel disenfranchised from the content part of heart. There’s two threads, one an abecedarian and the other not. 8. Peter F Yacht Club #29 (above/ground, 2020) is in a […]


I’m going to try to stay on top of books read this year, which is not say slipping on them underfoot. 6 days, 6 books. All I Have is the Moment: An interview with Barry Dempster by Maureen Scott Harris & Maureen Hynes (A Fieldnotes chapbook, 2020) If you are interested in Dempster’s work, or […]


The year has ended. We can now officially say hindsight is 2020. After being in a headlong tumble-scramble from August onwards, I had a few days to sit after Christmas and move the bookmarks. I read 128 books and chapbooks over the year, 21 chapbooks and 50 novels among them. 59% were by females, 35% […]

Final 10

Happy New Year. Here’s the last 10 I read in 2020. Some of these I mentioned at 49th shelf in November. Some were read since then. Children of Fury by Rashid Darden Dark Nation, Vol III, (Old Gold Soul Press, 2020) This is a fantastic novel that I immediately told a couple friends that they […]