Chapbook spotlight: Vertigoheel

god as my colophon, devil as my colon: a scarf and a necklace are decorations of defiance. after a lifetime-promise: female means choked, I swear a name ripens on my tongue,  its juice loosens my teeth, its sweetness  more acidic than it tasted on the way down. not easy to float in a water-filled boat. […]

Chapbook spotlight: boathouse

Boathouse (pronounced Oath in the Boathouse) explores experimental edges and seams of language. winter sleepless by a rim, a plate presses under anotherautofellatio, earth’s crust consumes itself here velocity lords of cauliflower meltsthe plow scrape, tuberculosis-long bloodshot real estate philosophersreiterate in bone, location loca 2 a.m. lounge logic has flour glossiness in longitudinal closets of too […]