Loved Then, Loved Now: old slippers

Now and again I come across John Stevenson’s haiku old slippersthe comfortcoming apart Stevenson at Modern Haiku but then, there’s this other small perfection of his doe nestledinto the shapeof the ditch Stevenson’s Some of the Silence Not a hair out of place in this small awarenesses. Nothing extraneous and yet they reach wider than […]

Loved Then, Loved Now: Penseroso

Emily Pauline Johnson (a.k.a. Tekahionwake, “double wampum”) I discovered in an estate sale of a cousin. She won the book as a high school English prize around a century ago. This poem I memorized, the fourth of fifth, I memorized after Edna St. Vincent Millay, some Macbeth and I Think Mice are Rather Nice. Penseroso Soulless is […]