Loved Then, Loved Now: On Aging

I’ll be periodically posting poems I’ve long loved, some love back to the 80s. Maya Angelou’s lines On Aging frequent my head: On Aging When you see me sitting quietly,Like a sack left on the shelf,Don’t think I need your chattering.I’m listening to myself.Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me! Hold! Stop your sympathy! Understanding if you got it,Otherwise […]

Top 25 reads

What is the top fifth of the books completed thus far this year? My favourite books and chapbooks read are these: Poems/Essays Quiet Night Think: Poems and Essays by Gillian Sze (ECW, 2022) Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty by Bahar Orang Bookhug, 2020) Novels/Short Fiction A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little […]

Mini-interview: David Blaikie

David Blaikie is a journalist and writer who wrote for Truro Daily News, The Canadian Press, The Toronto Star and Reuters. He worked 18 years in the Parliamentary Press Gallery. His Farewell to Coney Island, won the 2011 Tree Reading Series chapbook award. He has three chapbooks and this is his first full collection. What […]

2021 books read & favs of the year

It’s the most statistical time of the year. I read 3 Canadians for each 2 international, so more, compared to the half and half last year.  This year, 41 titles were read aloud with husband. 45 titles read were haiku or haibun. 69% were poetry compared to 30% poetry last year, but with judging a […]