Poetry Read

64. A Sonic Boom of Stars: 2020 Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology, edited by Beki Reese & Susan Rogers Southern California (2020) is a set of haiku, then a “foreign language” section including Spanish, a few haibun and then a chapter of haiku in a theme of windows. There are several outstanding poets but […]

Novellas etc read

59. Purple Springs: A novel by Nellie L McClung (University of Toronto, 1921, 1992) was a wonderful read. I’ve had it on my shelf for years and we finally read it all aloud. So many great set ups of suspense of what’s going to hit the fan and yet the character Pearl brings out the […]

Chapbooks read

55. for the love of Black girls by Tatiana M.R. Johnson (Indie, 2017) is earlier poems than what we got graced with an audience at Tree Reading Series and these are grrrl power: “grow into everything you have never been told you could be.” It urges thriving despite. “Maybe survival starts in a root deep […]

Books read: haiku and the like

52. Landmarks: A Haibun Collection by Ray Rasmussen (Haibun Bookshelf Publications, 2015) is a tight collection, not surprising I suppose given he has been writing haibun for decades and editing magazines of them. The stories are grounded, alert, amiable and articulate, the haiku striking. Definitely recommend. 53. Stumbling toward happiness: haibun and hybrid poems by […]