Loved Then, Loved Now: Penseroso

Emily Pauline Johnson (a.k.a. Tekahionwake, “double wampum”) I discovered in an estate sale of a cousin. She won the book as a high school English prize around a century ago. This poem I memorized, the fourth of fifth, I memorized after Edna St. Vincent Millay, some Macbeth and I Think Mice are Rather Nice. Penseroso Soulless is […]

Loved Then, Loved Now: On Aging

I’ll be periodically posting poems I’ve long loved, some love back to the 80s. Maya Angelou’s lines On Aging frequent my head: On Aging When you see me sitting quietly,Like a sack left on the shelf,Don’t think I need your chattering.I’m listening to myself.Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me! Hold! Stop your sympathy! Understanding if you got it,Otherwise […]

Top 25 reads

What is the top fifth of the books completed thus far this year? My favourite books and chapbooks read are these: Poems/Essays Quiet Night Think: Poems and Essays by Gillian Sze (ECW, 2022) Where Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty by Bahar Orang Bookhug, 2020) Novels/Short Fiction A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little […]