Checking In: With Susan Glickman

Susan Glickman is an artist of words and brush. She paints, edits, teaches and writes many genres: fiction, essays of literary history, non-fiction, children’s books and poetry. She has won a whack of awards for her writing. (I can’t believe her fabulous collection from Vehicule The Smooth Yarrow is already a decade ago. Time to […]

Checking in: With rob mclennan

rob mclennan is reading this weekend at a pop-up poetry book launch: Stephen Brockwell + rob mclennan with their 2022 titles. When? Where? Saturday, August 20, 2022 at Das Lokal, 190 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa from 2-4pm, in the (patio) tent. As a rob-fan he agreed to have had a flutter book with phafours in 2014, […]

Mini-interview: Carole Daoust

Carole Daoust has studied the language of bodies via contemporary dance. Now, with or without camera or pencil, she enjoys observing gestures: the everyday movements of insects, birds, the sacred geometry of dandelions, and people here and everywhere. She writes haiku in French and in English. The book: One less raindrop on the peony by […]

Checking In: With AJ Dolman

AJ Dolman had a flutterbook Glass Studio in 2015 with phafours. She used to be a regular on the Ottawa scene, pre-Covid like all of us. AJ Dolman (she/they) is the author of Lost Enough: A collection of short stories and three poetry chapbooks, and was co-editor of Motherhood in Precarious Times. Her poetry, fiction and essays have […]

Checking In With: Jacqueline Bourque

Jacqueline Bourque was a Rubies Tuesday poet at the same time I was. She was in If and Where There’s Fire, our 2013 workshop group anthology chapbooks. She has since come out with her first trade collection, Repointing the Bricks (Mansfield Press, 2021). PP: So, what have you been reading lately that lit you up? […]