Checking In: phafours poet: Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl is a powerhouse of Encouragement and of Getting Things Done, through her many arms of publishing including AngelHouse, DevilHouse, Bywords, National Poetry Month, and through individual mentoring and her own writing. She was inducted into the VerseFest Hall of Honour in 2014. She has a flutterbook done by pahfours and was in Air […]

Checking In: phafours poet: Claudia Coutu Radmore

Claudia Radmore appeared in a group chapbook co-published with Tree Press and phafours over a decade ago as well as with a single author collection of monostitches, Cough of a Sloth (phafours, 2017). She has also published poetry and non-fiction: Rabbit (Aeolus House, 2020), Park Ex Girl: Life with Gasometer (Shoreline Press, 2020), The Business […]

Checking In: phafours poet: Carol Stephen

Today in Checking In: Where Are They Now: Carol Stephen an active blogger and poet. She was the rep for the Canadian Authors Association and has been on the board for the Tree Reading Series. Although living outside of Ottawa, she often trekked to Ottawa for poetry events. Her previous chapbooks include: Chromatic Beliefs (group […]

Mini-interview: Skylar Kay

Skylar Kay is an Albertan poet currently living in Windsor while she completes her MA in English. She has an interest in Japanese poetic forms–namely haiku–but has explored longer forms as of late. Her debut book is Transcribing Moonlight (Frontenac House, April 2022). She is thrilled to see what comes next. What drew me to this […]

Checking In: phafours poet: Guy Simser

Today in Checking In, Where Are They Now: phafours poet: Guy Simser, the current president of KaDo Ottawa, a haiku group. Guy has 2 published books and a chapbook and is a long-time member of Ottawa’s poetry scene. He has stood as contest judges. He has won the Diane Brebner Poetry Prize, Carleton University Poetry […]