Checking In: With Monty Reid

Monty Reid is “former Director at VerseFest, former Managing Editor of Arc Poetry Magazine, former guitar/mandolin at Call Me Katie, what now?” Which sounds like he’s fielding suggestions. Intelligence agency poems? Small biology poems? New Covid poems? What do you want to see, folks? He has published a whack of books and chapbooks, almost all […]

Checking In: With Rona Shaffran

Rona Shaffran was a key organizer at Tree reading Series back when it was in Arts Court, Ottawa. She was in Chromatic Beliefs, and A Wall’s Sharp White, two outcomes of the Tree Masterclasses, and Barely Their in 2010, also a phafours press chapbook, and of course, her poetry collection. PP: I remember that we […]

Checking in: With Jeremy Colangelo

PP: Hi Jeremy, it’s been a while. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me here.  JC: It’s always lovely to hear from you, and yes I’d be very happy to do an interview. If I remember correctly, that In/Air chapbook was the first time I’d ever published a poem professionally.  PP: That is […]

Checking in: With Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett, back in 2018, published with me the chapbook Though we are incredibly small, a minimalist linked poem. PP: What have you read lately that lit you up? Add a why or how for the shoutout. SB: I’ll try to be brief & to the point: I’ve just finished reading an interesting book of […]