Round Up

Cameron Anstee is interviewed at Ottawalife ““I can support writers that haven’t published very much yet, or I can chase down people that haven’t published in years. I’ve worked with heroes of mine; I’ve helped see first chapbooks into print. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding experience.” The tribute to Paul Dutton is up […]


One for the eyes, Clean Sails by Gustave Morin is coming this fall, Gustave Morin has gathered up dozens of typewriters on their so–called dying legs, modified several of them with the addition of hand–crafted custom typeheads and, by driving these jalopies to the very limits of their capabilities, wrenched from them one last spin […]

In Translation

This poem is now in translation to Arabic in Jordan. Ali Znaidi of Tunisia. It was published on December 9, 2014 in a respectable electronic cultural newspaper based in Jordan. It is called, in Arabic, Qaba Qaosayn (The name of the newspaper is translated into English as At Two Bow’s Length). The poem is here […]