News roundup

Yesterday’s Sneha & I were onClick Here with Mitchell Caplan. You can listen at that link. Did you see Michael Jacobson’s asemic piece at Here’s a whole gallery of asemic writing The New Post-literate “I publish a piece in order to kill it, so that I won’t have to fool around with it any […]

Word Tools

You already know about Reverse Dictionary which is a kind of an online thesaurus and RhymeZone but did you notice Rhyme Zone now has not just perfect rhymes, near rhymes, similar sounding words but in the same drop down “find word in poetry excerpts“. I’m pretty sure that’s new. Also new is an oulipo of […]

On the radar

For those who don’t follow me at twitter or who get swamped in the deluge that is twitter, here’s some poetry things I found interesting lately, A comic guy made a guide for setting up a book table! Great for any small press fair. Buy a Versefest festival pass by March 23 and be in […]