what is the work

Novels can suspend disbelief. Why can’t poems. The length or scope? I suppose poems want to poke holes in belief. Poems are a chance for real talk, not pleasing narrative.


Not in vain you’ve sent me light by Cora Cire (Guernica) Masses on Radar by David O’Meara (Coach House) Lullabies in the Real World by Meredith Quartermain (NeWest) finish this sentence by Leslie Roach Mawenzie House Deluge by Laila Chatti (Copper Canyon) Side effects may include strangers by Dominik Parisien (McGill Queens) And yet by […]


I am hoping to get an editing course running in mid-April. Details to come. March has been filled with doing editing. I am super-close on getting 2 poetry manuscripts out the door, one started 5 years ago, one started 14 years ago. I’m going through notes of a test reader this morning, re-spell-checking because I […]


Or #AmWriting as we say on twitter. Looking at the previous post: “I feel I am finally writing again.” That I sez, before going silent for 5 weeks. But I have been writing and editing like mad, trying to slap into shape 4 manuscripts. 2 I won’t finish this year. 2 I hope to finish […]


I feel I am finally writing again. The sensation of poeming is more subtle, gentle and words come in slow measure but it is writing.