So I wrote a poem. It doesn’t matter what. It was 62 words long. It was terse and seemed to have the energy of sitting on a nerve. I tweeted that “it’s one thing to use poetry as therapy. it’s another to not stop there & keep yourself impaired, rhinestoned in words & applause.” I […]

Best Thought

Among responses to John Cage Zac Pennington “I stumbled into Cage first in confusion and misunderstanding, and then in rock books that stated his monolithic influence, all well before I’d ever actually heard any of his work. And when I finally did, I hated it– a distinction Cage shares with just about anything that’s ever […]


John Maeda said, As we both have an arts background, the word “integrity” has special meaning. She said resolutely, “Integrity equals consistency.” Ah, interesting odd tidbit. Internal consistency is my nemesis. Consistency, aka “voice” – those subjects, attitudes, moods, syntax, lineations, cleverness ratio, densities, language register – which some aspire to, to make it seem […]