VERSeFest Day 5: Factory Series

The matinee event for 2pm on March 14th was a Factory Series event with Markotić and McElroy who both work with components of language more than starting from components of story. Their work in poetry seems more whole person some how instead of using the heart as a morphine pump while the rest atrophies. They […]

On form and magazine function

ConduitCanada has an interview with Bardia Sinaee. It’s worth a full read. Here’s a couple snippets, On “the resurgence on form poetry”, Form never died or even faded, it’s just been mutating. How do we define or pin down the form of Berryman’s dream songs? I don’t think early post-modernism threw the formal baby out […]

Dos and Don'ts for Author Bios and Photos

When submitting a bio and photo consider what these tools do for the reader or audience: they give an introduction. They are your pitch that runs ahead of you. A lot of bios run like a dry version of a CV. It’s relevant to indicate experience but every bio is a list. While accomplishments, awards […]