Chapbook spotlight: boathouse

above/ground, 2008 • 8½x5½ • 24p • $4 • Available

Boathouse (pronounced Oath in the Boathouse) explores experimental edges and seams of language.

winter sleepless

by a rim, a plate presses under another
autofellatio, earth’s crust consumes itself

here velocity lords of cauliflower melts
the plow scrape, tuberculosis-long

bloodshot real estate philosophers
reiterate in bone, location loca

2 a.m. lounge logic has flour glossiness 
in longitudinal closets of too early

redevelop gluten of what is necessary 
to say, read in sloppy stucco glossaries 

follow lime genealogy back to Logos
self-apologize, be more gracious in reply


What People Say:


[That was a long time ago.]