Chapbook Spotlight: Quebec Passages

Quebec Passages
Noun Trivet Press, 2014 • 8½x11,, 34 p• $15 •
2 Available

the quickness
travel reduces us
to the excretory feeding tubes
that we are. baby birds, all of us.
dim, too dim to see.

give me a flashlight
to glow the pink stretch
between the translucent
beaks of books.

will mother return?
should the food cart
not return, should it return empty
except for the sound
of its one squeaky wheel,

we can’t choke down
its good for nothing hollow comfort.
we need our faecal sacs carried away.
would brass-badged refuse?

Quebec Passages

What People Said:

“Her dry humour just races around inside these poems […] Pirie’s mature poems are Brautiganian whip-smart and as precise as pinched purpose. […] full of wisdom and a little piss and vinegar. Someone confident enough to let loose with those assuring assessments, clinical appraisals and whimsical amusements.” -Michael Dennis on Quebec Passages, February 2015, Today’s Book of Poetry

“Part of the appeal of following Pirie’s work over the past few years has always been in not entirely knowing where her work might go next, shifting between narrative forms into more traditional engagements with haiku as well as more experimental forms of language and visual poetry, playing constantly with different shapes and possible sounds. […] [T]hrough her curiosity, her work manages to accomplish a series of unexpected moments and startling, even jarring, images.”—rob mclennan on Quebec Passages at Small Press Review.”