Checking In: Rhonda Melanson

Rhonda Melanson appeared in the 2011 Air Out/In Air, a chapbook anthology for the Guatamala Stove Project . Since then she and the organization have done a lot on their own trajectories.

A graduate of Queen’s University Artist In The Community Education Program, Rhonda Melanson has been published in several print and online magazines, including Hedgeapple, Pocket Lint, The Wild Word, Juniper, The Boxcar Poetry Review, Quill’s, Philadelphia Poets, Ascent Aspirations, Lummox, and the Windsor Review.  In 2011, she published a chapbook called Gracenotes with Beret Days Press, and she is also featured in the Encompass IV anthology, a publication from Beret Days Press and The Ontario Poetry Society.  She was featured in Nasty Women and Bad Hombres, A Poetry Anthology, edited by Deena November and Nina Padolf (Lascaux Editions), in Tamaracks, An Anthology of Canadian Poetry, edited by RD Armstrong and She Summons: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality, edited by Kaalii Cargill and Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.  She is also a co-editor of the literary blog Uproar, and is an associate member of The League of Canadian Poets.

Rhonda Melanson

PP: What’s life’s focus these days, literary or otherwise?

RM: I just finished up a PK Page mentorship opportunity with the League of Canadian Poets where I was able to learn from the prolific Chad Norman. He helped me with some very focused work on my chapbook “My Name is Mary.

PP: Wow!

RM: I am also in my second year of co-editing a literary blog “Uproar” with The Lawrence House Centre of the Arts in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. (Uproar on Instagram). Most recently, we launched the Carmen Ziolkowski Poetry Prize and gave cash awards and publication to three poets for a single poem.

Looking forward to a summer of writing without the distracton of full time teaching!

PP: What is underway or forthcoming?

RM: I am looking for a home for my chapbook “My Name is Mary.” I have had some poetry accepted by Hedgeapple, Pocket Lint,Poets Against Fascism (Jay Miller), The Wild Word and Portraits 101 (Sandcrab Books).

PP: What work can people read?

RM: How Do Rainbows Fall, exactly?

Some teaching poems,

PP: Any other links to find you and your projects?

RM: Social Media and Other Sites: Rhonda’s Twitter, Uproar on Twitter, Uproar’s Website: