Marco Fraticelli edited the Touch of a Moth anthology. His collected poems came out with Guernica in 1992. Marco is the publisher of the Hexagram series of books.
He has been writing haiku for almost 40 years. For most of that time he has served on the executive of Haiku Canada. Among his haiku publications are Deja Vu, Haiku for the Computer Screen (1978). Geof Huth said, that his digital poems were influenced by bpNichol’s digital visual writing in First Screening (released by Underwhich Editions in 1984). “In “A Few Notes,” his introduction to the poems, Nichol explains that […] the Canadian writer Marco Fraticelli taught Nichol “many of the programming skills used to make these poems.”
CanLit is a very small space across sardined decades.
On this week’s Literary Landscape Marco Fraticelli and I talk about his new book, Drifting (Catkin Press, 2013). It is made from excerpts of Celesta’s found diaries from 1906-1916 which in composite have the momentum of a novel.
Celesta has a remarkably modern voice and an unusual family shape. Celesta is the story of a nanny who falls in love with her boss.
You can listen live at 93.1 at 6:30pm to 7pm EST [Or here afterwards].
If you want more, buy the book by emailing kingsroadpress [at]
Marco’s sister Rena Fraticelli made from the found diaries of Celesta Taylor a short film called Iron Hill and a 44 minute film called Celesta Found to express the times Celesta knew.

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