Giller Glitter and Relit Trailblazers

The Giller Prize list is out and what an amazing town. Between Writers’ Fest, and Plan 99 I’ve heard read 1/4 of the dozen novels and novelists in person within the last year, namely, Martha Bailie for her novel The Incident Report, published by Pedlar Press, Jeanette Lynes for her novel The Factory Voice, published by Coteau Books, and Shani Mootoo for her novel Valmiki’s Daughter, published by House of Anansi Press.
I never envy judges for having to award a top person. It must be like a beauty contest. Just draw lots and be done with it.
All this and relit award winners too, including Mierau. Oh, and you did see Gary Barwin’s thoughts on presenting and performing poems, didn’t you?

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