If I were given a 2H pencil

If I were given a 2H pencil

and asked to sketch what I saw of you
it would frustrate me to have to crosshatch
to capture the shadows of your smooth face
between the stubble of your chin and the arch
below the apples of your cheeks.

although I would be gentle with my lightest touch
it would pain me to stroke lines onto your lips which
I am sure are petal soft. I would be anguished
over your eyelashes. How could I ask a viewer
to believe they are that thick, that long,

if I could draw in the fleeting fawn of your eyes
people would think I’m trying to exaggerate
ludicrously, but even then if wouldn’t be
more than an onion paper thin portion of your beauty.
Will your heart, your confidence elude my hand?

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