Inner flame

Why do we do what we do? Why eschew one part? Write but not edit, or edit but not publish or publish but not promote, or promote but not edit, write but not think, socialize but not write, read but not submit? It all is part of the process.
“The promotion side is not contrary to our idea; it is the completion of our idea[…] Promotion is the hope that these ideas may inspire others to wake up in the morning too.” ~ How an Introvert does a book tour.
Because ideas matter more than the self.
There is a reason someone is motivated to write when it would be far easier to speak something half-cooked and do things. Why light a figurative fire when it would be easier to light a stove?
As the priest said to Mr. Dedalus,
“[Y]ou will see. There is an art in lighting a fire. We have the liberal arts and we have the useful arts. This is one of the useful arts.”
Do we take that dismissal as okay? Beyond talking there is the doing of anything. But doing without thought is where trouble begins.
As Faucault (yes?) said, It works fine in practice, but does it work in theory?

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