John Newlove Award 2013

Jill Zmud Jill Zmud
Jill Zmud was the next of the evening’s entertainment for Oct 25th at Writers Fest. Her beautiful voice will be coming to her second album next spring. She was the music for the Bywords portion of the evening.
Amanda hosting the John Newlove
Amanda Earl read a John Newlove poem (Then, If I Cease Desiring) and announced the honorable mentions for the 10th annual John Newlove Award (those poems are linked at that link). Each reader brought a Newlove poem to the audience as well.
JC Bouchard
JC Bouchard reading his poem, The world ended seven months ago. And Newlove’s Driving.
JM  Francheteau one of the Newlove honorable mentions
James, who was pale and American by JM Francheteau was an honorable mention. He read Newlove’s God Bless the Bear.
daughter of Andre Narbonne
Arrowheads of Andre Narbonne was read on his behalf by his daughter Aeriana. She also read Newlove’s The Weather.
Nicholas Power
untitled for John Lavery (December 31, 1949 – May 8, 2011) by Nicholas Power packed a punch as did the Newlove poem he chose. (Shakespeare’s Sonnet?)
Rob Thomas this year's Newlove winner
Rob Thomas read Newlove’s Poem with Ravens. The 2013 John Newlove Winner, Rob Thomas won with this poem as judged by Alice Burdick. Thomas also was in the decade old tribute chapbook to John Newlove, Moments not Monuments. Thomas will have a chapbook of his poems developed with the editors of Bywords for next year.
Jenna Jarvis launching her chapbook
2012 winner Jenna Jarvis launched her Bywords chapbook with her vocal stylings. The Tiger with the Crooked Mouth already has a review since it went on pre-sale at the small press fair. She read Newlove’s Gross Masks.

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