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Ruth Foley does ghazals using the constant word at end of line variation that is a shout out to missing Italy. Who’s this person? She runs Cider Press, a Journal of Contemporary Poetry
Press release of helping this master visual poet in need, jwcurry.
Joseph Massey’s latest out, Areas of Fog (soon to get another out with BookThug) gets a mention at Jacket in context of minimalism lyric tradition, and an odd bit at Third Factory
War on Women poem by B. L. Wagner who read at the Vertigo Series in Regina.
Dan Weber interview from last year.
An interview with Kate Greenstreet [via Poetry Blog Hut]
Odd these spates of coincidences. Having not heard of him before, I see 3 instances of him within the week, one through a person I just met who mentioned him off the cuff, one an interview in the current Descant and now Lawrence Ferlinghetti interviewed earlier in the year at the blog of New Directions.
Heather McHugh at PBS is the top new story of their poetry series (one poem of being a domestic worker to the shedding dogs “while they lay around on couches like poets and ponder the human condition”).
Strangers on a Train processed thru the Language Removal Project [Ron Silliman mentioned it in one of his roundups.] It does a funny distortion to the head to hear only the non-vocal sounds, the lip smacks and breaths with all the language extracted. It makes it hard not to hear around language for a while.
“First drafts rarely look close to the final product. I might discover a poem begins on line 18 of draft # 42. But by keeping at it, crab-like; I move into territory that’s fruitful. Sometimes I have to do two or three completely different studies of a poem the way I imagine a painter does several different sketches of a subject to find the angle, the point of view, the right mix of light and shadow. It’s spadework. ” – Peter Richardson at 12 and 20
Ontario Arts Council has a new literature links page.
Be Blank Consort sound poetry from Australia performs Saturday night, competing in the timeslot with Capital Slam with Danielle K.L. Gregoire’s launch of her CD, “Optimism is a constant struggle”. She also performs Sunday at Dusty Owl. The same evening Michael Dennis launches his newest book, Coming Ashore On Fire at the Manx pub. (See Bywords listings for details.)

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  1. Glad to hear it. People interviewing people is a good thing. News that creates narrative with sound bites inserted often isn’t as interesting as just letting people dialogue.

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