Links to not miss

Jamaal Jackson has a look at the future of spoken word in Ottawa at Apt613. Rising star to watch for? Shayan Saddiq.

Future of small press Ottawa poetry at seen at Apt 613 by rob mclennan points at two thousand pages of the Ottawa poetry pdf annual ottawater and calls for a literary book publisher to rise to complement the reading series and small press.

Future of small press Ottawa with Ellen Chang-Richardson, an organizer of Riverbed, points out all the amazing resources. The future is in the hands of who? “Anyone with the courage to write and perform it.”

Another In Our Tongues is coming soon. (Second Tuesday of each month.

An Ottawa poet, Lana Crossman has a striking poem up on Feral.

Have you seen this Misha Solomon poem on lead? He has a dial-a-poem too.

Don’t forget about the news link and mid-month submission for