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Jane Crosier hosted Literary Landscape for 12 years starting in 1997. A WestFest Lit was dedicated to her since she died in 2009. I wish I could link you up with an audio of even one of her interview. I see all kinds of bibliographical records by people who reference an interview but no mp3s to be had.
Each week Jane interviewed authors, poets and people connected with the literary world on Canada’s oldest community radio station giving attentive interviews to the hundreds of people she brought in to share with the listening world. She did her research, read the books, gave warm interviews to writers in the Ottawa area.
In a volunteer award she received she was described this way,

She passed on her love of books to her two sons and to thousands of young people who have frequented the high school libraries where she has worked for [thirty] years. Jane put countless hours into the CKCU fund raising drives, regularly ‘cooking up delicious treats for her fellow volunteers on the early morning Saturday phone shifts.

Those are big shoes to wear.
If you’re googling in here, by chance it might be news to know that a number of local literary people have kept the torch of Literary Landscape lit over the last few years.
Currently the roster is myself, Kathryn Hunt (of the Kymeras) who was among the first to take over the mic in 2009.
As of 2013 there’s Pearl Pirie and Dave Currie (of Dog Bites Cameron Books).  Previous hosts include: Christine McNair. after Marcus McCannDavid O’Meara, Bardia SinaeeJustin Million, and Neil Wilson of (Writers Fest). Each brings their own style.
[In 2015, JM Francheteau left and Robin McLachlan joined as host.]
It’s the same time, 6:30pm each Thursday with people from various corners of the literature spectrum, playwrights, poets, storytellers, novelists, zinsters and spec fiction with the focus on locally made and who is coming thru town today.

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  1. I don’t yet know what LitLand’s donations were but CKCU made its overall funding goal. Thanks to all who donated.

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