Mini-interview: Mike Caesar

Michael Caesar was born on Manitoulin Island and lives in Hull, Quebec. He has worked as a reporter, editor and speechwriter. This is his first chapbook.

About the poet: As I mentioned in my anticipation post, I have been waiting for a book/collection from this poet for a lot of years. He reads and listens more than her says, observes and contemplates carefully and speaks his considered poems with a cadence that is grounded in prosody.

Book: Perpetual Ideal (Anstruther Press, 2022. Out this week!)

Perpetual Ideal by Mike Caesar

Book description: 11 poems absent industrial application 


from ‘A Chain with Star Pattern’

What’s the alternative
to common ruin? Wishing for
a counterpoise to instinct
is totally inadequate. So is
clairvoyance, the abolition of private
property. Whatever can be
stripped of its halo
is. It’s a revolution,
a chain with star pattern
in glass. But you’re indoors, home,
reading The Jests of Baggio.

PP: What was your aim with the chapbook? 

MC: Simply to bring the flame nearer. 

PP: What was or will your favourite moment(s) in making this?

MC: There were countless moments in making the poems themselves. In making the chapbook, without a doubt working with editor Jim Johnstone and designer Erica Smith on edits, arrangement and production. Seeing a Jan Van Eyck eyeball on the cover!