MiPO is up

Poetry Link: A new issue is up of MiPOesias, an Asian American issue. An article at gather on MiPOesias, online, print and radio including interviews with creator and publisher Didi Mendez, Editor-in-Chief Amy King, and Print Editor, Jenni Russell.

The Art of Forgetting by Neil Aitken has some stellar sound flows and imagery. Adrienne Su’s Sestina was cool. A sestina I liked. Wow. Love Jennifer Kwon’spoem that can be read as two columns or as one. Interesting. Gendered Relations has gorgeous intensity of flow under the hand of Lani Montreal.

A lot more still to read. Bit by bit. It’s easy to OD on poetry.

Quote: “Without the meditative background that is criticism, works become isolated gestures, historical accidents, soon forgotten.” — Milan Kundera (1929-), Franco-Czech writer.

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