New mini chapbooks

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Opening to curtains to 3 new mini chapbooks at the Ottawa small press fair at Jack Purcell tomorrow afternoon (or to a surprise 4th as well should the forces of gnomes and homes be with me).
Alicia Cumming has a chapbook of women, mother/daughter, body image and finding one’s personal footing. Example excerpt: “suppressing, moulding,/unceasing until I become/acceptable, a doll of exquisite beauty,/deep fear the only part of me/that is left”
She’s reading tonight at the pre-small press fair reading. That’s Marilyn Irwin, Dean Steadman, Alicia Cumming and Stuart Ross at the Carleton Tavern, doors 7pm.
Also coming out tomorrow is Anita Dolman’s latest glass studio, poems of fracturing and repair, poems about being active creators of one’s world. Example excerpt: “she breaks the glass/just like that, a new night”
And a mini chapbook from Michael Dennis full of plain truths with quirky twists. An example excerpt: “Richard Brautigan/was blowing pot smoke rings/at a bull’s eye on a poster/with a photo of Ezra Pound”

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