Poem draft

The last century has stepped up to the one-star dumpster
Hezbollah people came out to the Hudson.
the pines congratulate you for this,
another successfully repeated summer,
and add crickets to your account.
desire rolls for you, rages as the dead do
under a synchronized swim of crocodiles.
they have lost their bubble tethers. we meld
information and disinformation with a nap.
the fact that Syria can eliminate has now
been reversed. Israel is on fire. a jury of
groundhogs believe in English songsters
like us. or like you in Orpheum displacement.
to be honest with you on purpose, that
is to unseal the most dangerous self. if you
sweatered one of these 5 million letters you’d see
how sandpaper doesn’t live by water alone.
Two steps removed from its origins: I remixed samples of the mangled of youtube’s automatic captioning of Paul Tyler, rob mclennan, Stephen Brockwell, Phil Hall, and Tyler Hayden.

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