Poems: Catherine Brunet

Change in their Pockets
New chapbook by Catherine Brunet at the reading tonight. 7:30pm, Pressed Café. I’ll bring 20 copies so get it while you can.
Here’s a sample poem from it:

John Coltrane Redux
Avant-guard jazz on my ride home:
saxophone incursions deep into
John Deere clang and guitar twang
of country-western territory.
Coltrane would get punched in the face at the
tavern with his strange hue, sound concepts,
Carolina drawl – looking at folks funny,
ordering a daiquiri.
His split lip of un-belonging would
swell and buzz for days like diatonic
scales on broken AM frequencies
somewhere down a gravel sideroad.

I’m also reading with career-long poet from out west, John Pass. Here are some of his poems at Terrain.

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