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New courses from Studio Nouveau are coming this month. Starting January 18, Run asynchronously. Hosted at Moodle.

Discussion forum, thinking pieces, prompts, feedback and more.

Lubing the Muse: Generating Poems & Fresh Edits
8 weeks. Make at least 20 poems in 2 months. $200. PWYC slots available.

Build with What You Know: Scaffolding on other poems, Whittle by Whittle: Blackout poems, Simple Symbols, Deconstructing Symbols, Getting Meta About Metaphors, Brainstorming within a Frame, Swap it Out: Language is material and Immaterial, Homophonic Translation, Loosening up in the Surreal, Urgent Messages, Coming to our Senses: Scent, Touch, Reply to poems. And for the
final week, your Choice: What would you like more time to explore together?

Poem samples from Kay Ryan, Derek Walcott, nathalie stephens, Hasan Namir, Steve Venright, Lorine Niedecker, David Groulx, Michael Dennis, Diane Tucker, Mary Jean Chan, Phil Hall, stephanie roberts, Natasha Ramourar, Anne Sexton, Dante, Steven Ross Smith, and more.

Short Poems Workshop: 6 weeks: $150. PWYC slots available.

Explore the joy of the brief.
Haiku Senryu
Short lyric and minimalism One word poems
Erasure poetry

More coming: Feeling it: Emotion in Poetry and Editing It are coming in March/April. Each set of 4 workshops.

Payment by etransfer, cheque or paypal.