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At Cure for Melancholy

Repeat your name often enough to inure yourself to its attachments.

Repeat your name in ludicrous voices. Give your name to others so they might abuse it, stretch it out over the car hoods, inject it with helium, use it to fuel their tractors.

Dennis Joseph Enright in How Many Devils can Dance on the Point:
It began with mysterious punishments/And the punishments led to the crimes/Which are currently being punished.

At Oysterboy Review Joseph Massey wrote a series of quiet but powerful small center of a room poems such as

Traffic or
is it rain
the window
won’t hold
to silence.

Czeslaw Milosz in At a Certain Age:
We wanted to confess our sins but there were no takers.

Poet Jim Larwill Hockneyized thru flickr toy to simulate a collage

Program: Adopt a Poet…They’re cheap with a bulk discount! 😉
“Simply give a contribution of $30 or more and let us know which poet you want to adopt. Or, if it’s possible for you to send a larger gift, you can adopt two poets for a contribution of $50, three for a gift of $70, or five poets if your contribution is in the amount of $100 or more.”

Poetry Prompts: one word prompt (timed),
Wreading Experiments by Poets’ Ludicrously Aimless Yearning (PLAY) and
Big Window Writing Prompts

Past Post Flashback: Writer’s fest 2004

Link: 2006 Ottawa International Writer’s Festival

Featured Quote: “One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project.” ~ Denis Waitley

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Center of a Room was my first solid work, written back in 1999. I’d definitely cut a bunch of those poems now, but I can safely say that the piece — as a whole — doesn’t make me sick, and that’s a good sign!

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