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poetry in transit, Dionne Brand
Dionne Brand on the bus. In Poetry in Transit.
Did you see the photos from the BookThug 10th aniversary party? Kolewe’s photos
John Ashbery in interview at the Paris Review said, “One can accept a Picasso woman with two noses, but an equivalent attempt in poetry baffles the same audience.”
You saw that Frances Boyle won the Tree Press chapbook award last week?
If you find yourself in some Ontario wilderness, maybe Open Book’s literary map can help steer you somewhere bookish.
Moon Dice by Richard Truhlar is up at Boulder Pavement

how wooden
all the senses
echo down to us

If you haven’t read Catherine Owen’s book reviews with what shines, what stumbles, what echoes, that can be fixed.
The 2014 Robert Kroetsch shortlist as picked by Ken Babstock: Michael Chaulk, Alex Leslie, Jeremy Stewart & Jennifer Zilm with the winner to be announced next week.
Are you living as a writer or as an author
What do do when you feel lousy. You can’t walk away from yourself when you’re badmouthing you, or can you? What to do with the inner critic is some rumination from Oriah Mountain Dreamer.
Seek simplicity and distrust it. Paula Reed Nancarrow thinks her way thru brainstorming prompts
What are you doing June 14th all day? From 10 am to 11 pm The Iliad is at the NAC.
What about the long weekend in May? The Haiku Canada Weekend will be at Carleton University May 16-18, 2014.
What are you doing March 25-30th? Versefest is back with several poets performing per day. The Line has Shattered, a documentary on the 1963 poetry conference has a trailer. The docu will be screened at Versefest with a panel discussion. That’s just before the poetics talk by Factory Series with Margaret Christakos and Marilyn Irwin.
What about March 10th? There’s a micropress workshop in Toronto, a new series that will happen on one subject per month.
March 1 the CBC Poetry competition opens. Here are previously shortlisted poems.
Sooner and nearer Jenna Tenn-Yuk will do a workshop on facing your fears in poetry on Feb 25th at SAW Gallery.
Also, You, Emperor Egg by Jason Heroux at Rusty Toque.
Lastly, I said this and it seems to get some traction or resonance with people.

It’s past halfway in National Haiku Writing Month. If you’re at Facebook there are 1700+ doing NaHaiWriMo with daily prompts. The dailies from January are here.
Tiny Words is open for submissions. A lot of haiku journals have their open reading period in February. By April, you may as well wait until fall. Acorn has some striking sample poems.
Have you noticed a few additions to the link sidebar. Rachael Simpson’s blog is simply lovely.

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