Ottawa Public Library: Poetry on Spines Contest Winners

The top winner Glenn Kletke for the English side of ‘Poetry on Spines’ and the honorable mentions are here with the images of poems made from book spines.
The images are in some cases too small to read. Glenn’s poem is this:

The clouds should know me by now
wrestling with angels
at the sky’s edge.
Sometimes I think of moving
out of the storm
sailing alone across the room
to woo & to wed
looking for your name
beneath my feet
in the light of a midnight plow
endeared by dark
something I’ve been meaning to tell you
the owl in the mask of the dreamer

Honorable mentions: Pinar Ozmizrak whose poem was “Evocative and pointed commentary as a poem.”

The hero’s journey
It’s a disaster
onwards towards our noble deaths
last friends
you’re next

Kim Noël whose poem was “Beauty and flow, bridging many kinds of books into a natural statement.”

Up the garden path
the edible
wild blossoms
of innocence

Anita Grace whose poem was “Laugh out loud funny and naturalness of speech all combined.”

I am a cat
a jest of god
who do you think you are?

You can see the photos of the poems at that link.
Likewise, see “Concours Poésie sur dos” as judged by Gilles Latour for the poem and remarks. Gagnant: Michel-Rémi Lafond
Congrats all. There were dozens of good entries.

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