Meta-post not on Meta

I’m steering away from Twitter and FB to the degree I can. I do like Instagram tho. Even if it is owned by Meta. I don’t like ads parroting back to me a commercial version of what I’ve said. Terribly annoying.

I’ve given up on MeWe since it didn’t build steam. I’m on Blue Sky, and here obviously. It’s kinda nice to rebuild networks with a fresh start.

On FB I added people where there ended up being no to and fro. I only see when it’s their BD and that seems like a bad time to unfriend an unknown person. I suppose it’s time for another cleaning. It seems one should know more people. It also seems there’s only a couple hundred people at most one could reasonable expect to connect to in any way.

Anyway, I made a chatty post over at Patreon of life and lit.

And I talk about the small press fair happening tomorrow, and fairs in general, over at Substack.

Hope you’ll poke a nose over there. Don’t forget to email, I mean, if you know me.

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