Press Release: Ottawa Writing Workshops in November & in 2010

Dusty Owl has the reading series (Next up, this Sunday: Gregoire). It also has this:
Dusty Owl Workshop Series:
Emerging writers and poets get the chance to work with local, published authors from a variety of exciting genres (ex. spoken word, poetic documentary, mystery writing…etc). Be sure to take advantage of the early bird rate of $30 for a season package or $15 for an individual workshop.
[snip] [I took too long to forward this so if you hadn’t heard of it elsewhere, you missed Greg Frankson’s workshop on the Sept. 27th.]
FROM GOOD IDEA TO GOOD READ – The Art of Poetic Documentary
Instructor: Phil Jenkins
Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009
Workshop Description: Phil Jenkins will explain, in particular and in
general, how he has taken good ideas through to newspaper, magazine and
book length pieces of poetic documentary. There will be handouts and
Socratic discussion. Please bring a few good ideas of your own.
Instructor: Barbara Fradkin
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009
Workshop Description: This informal, interactive workshop will examine
the enduring power of the mystery novel, in all its guises. There are four
magical ingredients of writing crime fiction that thrills, provokes and
inspires the reader — good writing, vivid characters, exciting plot and
perfect setting. Examples and exercises for each will be discussed, as
well as tips on how to create engaging sleuths and credible villains, how
to develop tension, conflict and pacing, and how to interweave subplots,
plant clues and sprinkle red herrings. Questions about markets and
publishers will also be addressed.
We are grateful for the funding provided by Ontario Arts Council.
Dusty Owl Workshop Series: 3 workshops, $15 each or all three for $30 paid before first workshop. All workshops run from 1pm to 4pm and are located at Sushi 88, 690 Somerset Street W, near Bronson Street. For more information, check out Avoid disappointment, purchase your tickets now. The fall session starts at the end of September. We hope to be writing with you soon!
Coming next term: 3 more workshops
LISTEN WITH YOUR LEFT EAR: Autobiography the Easy Way
Instructor: Susan McMaster
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010
Workshop Description: Where on earth to start? — and who cares what a
cute baby you were (except your mother)? Readers will, because every life
is interesting and full of incident — if you can find the thread to pull
it together. This workshop will focus on understanding how to establish a
structure and an approach, and then drafting enough material that you can
take off down the writing road solo. Bring autobio material if you have it
(printed out), plus pens and lots of paper (this will be a messy
workshop). Based on her recent experiences publishing both a memoir and a
unique poetic narrative about her mother, Susan will offer a short
presentation followed by writing exercises, readings, and discussion. Take
home the outline of your book!
Instructor: Patrick Gauthier
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Workshop Description: Focusing on the fundamentals of narrative
playwriting – dramatic action, plot, structure, character, stakes, and
dialogue – Writing for the Stage will introduce first-time and emerging
playwrights to the basics of writing for the stage and serves as refresher
for writers with experience. The goal of the workshop is to hone personal
voice and process through discussion, critique, and writing exercises.
Participants are asked to be familiar with Hamlet, and to bring a short
sample of their writing for the stage (either complete or in progress) to
the workshop for reading and discussion.
Instructor: Marie Bilodeau
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Workshop Description: Kingdoms and lairs, warriors and witches,
adventures and exploration… the fantasy genre is filled with archetypal
themes and characters that break or re-affirm their mythic moulds. But
convincing your readers that your story COULD be real (in a very
alternate, different, and perhaps twisted way) is key to the fantasy
genre. Chalked full of exercises on character, plot and setting
development, participants will not only learn how to work within the
boundaries of the genre (and which ones it’s ok to cross), they’ll also
gain an arsenal against writer’s block, plot tantrums and uncooperative
characters. Exercises are applicable to any fiction writing, but workshop
will focus on the fantasy/sci-fi genres.

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