Second Time Around

Second Time Around Poetry Contest: Open to everyone
1st prize – $200 2nd prize – $100 3rd prize – $50
plus five $20 honourable mention awards, plus publication in “verse afire”
*all cash awards paid in Canadian dollars only
Poems must be previously published
Rules & guidelines: each poem to be no longer than 50 lines and the spaces between the stanzas count as lines. All themes and styles welcome. Blind judging: no author i.d. To appear anywhere on the same page as the poem. Include a separate sheet bearing poem title, or first line if no title, author name, address, phone number & e-mail (if possible) and publication credit(s) are a must.
entry fee: $5 per poem
deadline: entries to be postmarked no later than Mar. 31st,2007
send entry with cheque or pmo payable to:
The Ontario Poetry Society
31 Marisa Court, Thornhill, Ontario L4J6H9
enclose a #10 s.a.s.e. for winners list

I’m not affiliated with them but it seems like useful info to pass along.

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    1. Yes, the point of the contest is for poems that have been published to see the light of day again. The idea being if you get published in a journal, especially short-lived and never make a collection of poems, the poem can be highlighted again.

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