Short poems and editing poems classes

Want to get your poetry mind in higher gear this year? Have poems at an impasse that you want out the door before New Years? The classes have forums to share with fellow poets (closed to the public) and in each class you can send me 6-10 poems for direct feedback. As well, each has readings and exercises to bring up your game.
Register for Editing poems
Week1 : Translating You: Cento, Golden Shovels, and writing what only you can
Week 2: Recut: line work. Focusing on the structure of the poem
Week 3: You do you: writing from where and who you are.
Week 4: Ending it: ending lines, ending poems
$138 U.S./$180 Canadian
open for 9 weeks
Register for Brief poems
$138 U.S./$180 Canadian
open for 9 weeks
Week #1: Write Tighter: Muscular poems
Week #2: Haiku and Senryu: The aesthetics of small
Week #3: Short Lyric: What can you do in under 12 lines?
Week 4: Minimalism: Subtraction for the sake of focus
A third class on feelings in poetry may be added before January.

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