VERSeFest: Dutch Showcase

And back to the VERSeFest stage. Anita Dolman reading her poems. One of these was around the legacy of the past. For example, shoes that will never fit due to childhood war and being bound into too small shoes. The misshapen small-toe-details will never fit the post-war world. above/ground had a new chapbook which was […]

VERSeFest 2013: Day 3, 7pm

Let’s wayback-time-machine-ourselves from World Poetry Day to March 14th. Stuart Ross, Don Mckay and Catherine Owen were the 7pm show sponsored by Tree. There were conversation circles forming the book area. David welcomed people, thanked sponsors and passed over the mic… the last few people came in the door getting their tickets or waving their […]

Ottawa Public Library Poetry Workshops

Writers are hosting poetry workshops at branches of the Ottawa Public Library: Monty Reid on March 2nd, Peter Richardson on April 6th, Sandra Ridley, April 13th David O’Meara on April 20th, and Stephen Brockwell on April 27th. Workshops are free. One needs to do early registration and get poems in ahead of time. More info […]