New chapbook by David Groulx

Crossing a Grave in Harmonium by David Groulx (phafours press, 2020) has 18 deft, moving and lacerating poems. Here’s one: Daydreaming in Blood My blood’s red like a star dying like the marsh inside my veins the horses, much, shoulder deep heaving out a single thoughts: blood, a place I sometimes go $12 including domestic […]

footlights coming

Pearl Pirie’s 4th poetry collection, footlights, is “ lyric grief-work, and joy-work, loss, resilience and finding small beauties”. It releases in October 2020. Preorder to receive it first! Show me you and your copy and I’ll send you book swag: footlights: the colouring book. Ask your local library for copies. Give it for all the seasonal holidays! Review it and […]

95 Books for 2014, List 3, Vividly Living

I’m at least a dozen or so behind in my listing books completed. I’ll try to chunk these into smaller lengths so each instalment is only a few instead of pages of scroll. The Hottest Summer in Recorded History by Elizabeth Bachinsky (Nightwood, 2013) It feels more like a book than most, not in the […]