umpteen word chain 3

priestless pressless confessional unhinged conditional cascades of what-if-disasters? my hands steady the chain-bit, unbridle the mount think of me as a hoarse whisperer, patient to fault lines, fences crossed, I can tame any wild oats secret loose clinks fall into my acceptance on tack room floor, whoop laughter patters like-spittle into dust, open doorways soothe, […]

people to see, chains to rattle

keloid, deltoids, trapezoids, ovoid, right honorably annoyed, evade, delayed, elude, occlude, slip out, elision, derision, decision, incisive, incise, disguise, guide, divide, easement, lament, encouragement, “dirgement”, DJ, smashup, bicycle collision, the spoke unkindly broke, radial becomes random, broker a deal, provoke, provocative, come on, invoke, invocative, vocal, yokel, heavy yoke, unevenly yoked with a non-believer, roped […]