Taylor, Dempster and Domanski

Tree Seed Workshop
Tree Seed Workshop with Bruce Taylor was looking at rhetorical device of sound, cacophony and euphony with discussion around sample poems contrasting techniques of Edith Sitwell, Charles Olsen, Stephen Morrissey, Eric Ormsby, Phillip Larkin, Ezra Pound, George Eliot Clarke, Mary Oliver, Paul Muldoon, Louis Dudek and Derek Walcott. 18 people came to the round table that week. It gave a lot of good food for thought about how one gains an effect.
Tree Seed Workshop
On Nov 26th he’s back with poems using nonsense at 6:45pm at SAW Gallery (doors 6:30). It’s a free drop in as always at Tree Seed
new treasuer
When Tree started at 8pm, there was a welcome to the new treasurer/barkeep Colin Morton who will also be co-director with Margaret Zielinski and Deanna Young.
Who Tree is expanded in another direction. Nina Jane Drystek joined on as publicist and social media assistant.
Don Domanski
The feature reader was Don Domanski. The crowd was buzzing for him. The man has charisma. People were glowing at him and when he moved with pain or had trouble with his glasses, there were sympathetic oohs from the crowd. People sat transfixed as he read. Surely one of his books will come with a CD? Or whatever media for sound is on the horizon. He has a melodic reading voice.
book signings
Much book signing went on of Domanski’s Bite Down Little Whisper and Barry Dempster’s Invisible Dogs.
Barry Dempster also mentors and draws a crowd of fans. He tells stories in his poems with a comic’s timing. He drew out a remarkable rate of laughter of a few per poem. Even when his subject is sombre, his poignancy or pathos takes a twist in the poem, or the patter, such as his poem of the skunk, which he can’t accept as a rodent proper with its flashy paint job, fluffy tail and so life goes on, year 3 with it living under his steps.
Tomorrow Sara Peters, author of the debut collection 1996 (Anansi, 2013) and Stewart Cole, author of the debut collection Questions in Bed (Ice House, 2012) are the 8pm features.

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