Textual Artivity

Small town doesn’t mean mall town nothing. At the Human Bean on the main drag of Cobourg all month is an installation of vispo.
I took some phone snapshots while we went thru Cobourg.
photo 5-1 (1)
photo 3-6 (1)
bill bissett on right and consensus was that right is Judith Copithorne. Which is another funny overlap since we just saw her in The Line has Shattered.
photo 1-12 (1)
Beside me on the right, Michael Casteels.
photo 2-12 (1)
Wildly blurry photos but it was the whirr of suddenly there being 7 of us there at once. By carpool multiplying the poet/artist population of the town with Stuart Ross, Laurie Siblock, Sandra Alland, jw curry, Rachel Zavitz, myself and Brian Pirie all descending into the same coffee shop all at the same time. What’re the odds.
Had we been there earlier we could have seen The 3 Ferretpersons in person. But alas, we had no car access then and were in a city far away.
Here’s More details about the show at Human Bean.

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